The Firebird

I don’t really draw or anything.I mean I do- sometimes. I’m not very good and I wouldn’t say that I’m an artist, but every now and then I feel the need to draw and color. Today in my dance history class, we watched parts of “The Firebird” choreographed by Michel Fokine and composed by Igor Stravinsky. Watching only parts of this ballet was not enough so after I was done with class and church meetings for the night, I made my way onto Youtube and watched a recording. Yes, granted, a recording is not on the same scale as watching a ballet live, but it was still pretty stellar. About half way through, that old familiar urge to draw and sketch and color hit. I didn’t fight it and I made this picture. I’m pretty proud of it. I made it just for me and just for fun and because of that I was able to art with no fear.

Making art with no fear is something that I struggle with. Often, I get caught up in a net of feeling like whatever I create needs to be perfect; not wanting to start because I haven’t been trained so I have no clue; and worry that instead of meeting constructive criticism,  I’ll just get a bunch of people telling me that they could do it better. None of those things are helpful. Those thoughts often delay and prevent me from creating something- even when I have the desire to do so.

So, new goal for life, starting today: Create with No Fear.the-firebird-for-kirasclicks


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