I’m just a little discouraged- College and life is hard.

My period started  and I was cramping so badly (even with pain killers), that I knew that using a tampon would make things worse and potentially result in making myself sick so I wrapped toilet paper around my underwear because I can’t afford to go buy pads.

I’m a senior in college. I’m studying Elementary Education. I’ve already had to arrange to postpone my student teaching another year so that I can pay for it. Before anyone gets on my back about working, I do have a job. I work as a substitute and I’ve skipped some of my college classes to go to work so that I can pay to exist as a student. And you know, I have a brain and a couple of fairly functional eyeballs in my head, I know that subbing in the public schools isn’t enough to pay for rent and food- or even just rent. I know that being a substitute isn’t reliable and that I’m not getting enough hours to pay for anything. So, I start job hunting even harder. And no dice.

I haven’t given up yet. I’m still looking for a job. I’m still doing my lesson plans and homework and taking care of my college’s ballroom night (of which I’m the volunteer manager), but man, using toilet paper as a makeshift pad not because I can’t afford to spend seven bucks to buy a packet of pads was very discouraging.